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July 2021

Suqian Era Energy Storage Technology Co., Ltd. was established and has signed cooperation technology agreements with multiple domestic universities

October 2021

Complete assembly of 2KW/8KWh aqueous organic liquid flow battery

November 2021

Construction of an annual production of 5GWh water-based organic flow battery project

March 2022

The first generation 5KW stack passed the test and passed the test

August 2022

The first generation 20KW stack passed the test and passed the test; Authorized by the University of Science and Technology of China

March 2023

Complete the demonstration of kilowatt level integrated optical storage and charging project

July 2023

Realize the production of the first phase 2GWh aqueous organic flow battery production line

September 2023

Complete Series A financing

October 2023

The first megawatt grade organic liquid flow battery product successfully went offline

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