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Technical Advantages - Core Competitiveness

Organic liquid flow battery system:

        As a new type of secondary battery, liquid flow battery can separate power and capacity to achieve independent regulation of both, and can achieve flexible configuration from kilowatt level to megawatt level. It is particularly suitable for the field of large capacity energy storage, solving the intermittent and fluctuating problems of clean energy, and is regarded as one of the most promising new energy supporting energy storage technologies.

        Our company has developed a long-life water-based liquid flow battery that uses water as the medium and avoids the use of flammable organic solvents as electrolytes, greatly improving the safety of the energy storage system. It also has advantages such as high energy conversion efficiency, high power density, and long cycle life, which can effectively solve the intermittent and fluctuating problems of solar and wind energy. It is a safe and suitable energy storage technology for large-scale scenarios. It has the following technical advantages:

        Firstly, it is safe and environmentally friendly. Aqueous organic liquid flow batteries have inherent safety characteristics and do not pose a risk of ignition, combustion, or explosion. The electrolyte is dissolved in pure water using organic synthetic substances, and the system is free from strong acids, strong corrosiveness, and does not rely on metal resources, making it relatively more environmentally friendly; econdly, it has an ultra long lifespan, capable of deep charging and discharging cycles exceeding 20000 times, and a calendar lifespan greater than 20 years;

        Thirdly, long-term energy storage is suitable for over 4 hours of long-term energy storage. The power (stack) and capacity (storage tank) of the liquid flow battery are separated, and the electrolyte is safe, stable, and convenient for storage and transportation. By establishing a storage electrolyte inventory, large-scale and ultra long term energy storage can be achieved, ensuring the safety of energy output;

        Fourthly, the cost is relatively low. Compared to other liquid flow batteries, water-based organic liquid flow batteries have lower investment and operation costs. Electrolyte chemical synthesis has a large space for cost reduction.

Anion exchange membrane:

        Ion exchange membranes, due to their unique charging characteristics, can be used for the separation and classification of ion systems. They are one of the key materials for large-scale energy storage in liquid flow batteries and fuel cells. Due to their chemical stability, ion selectivity, and cost issues, their commercial applications are greatly limited. Compared with traditional proton exchange membranes, anion exchange membranes have lower costs, greater commercial potential, and broad development prospects. The global market for ion exchange membranes is mainly dominated by overseas multinational giants. The company has broken through the technological monopoly of a few American and Japanese manufacturers such as DuPont, Gore, and Asahi, and has built the first batch of anion exchange membrane production lines in Jiangsu Province. Our company's anion exchange membrane project also has the following advantages:

        Firstly, anion exchange membranes not only have strong independent innovation and high market demand, but also can break the technological blockade of developed countries in Europe and America, promote China's energy storage battery technology from catching up to leading, and accelerate the development of the energy storage industry.

        Secondly, the company has a professional and efficient research and development team, advanced testing instruments and methods, which have played a significant role in the quality control of raw materials, reaction processes, and finished products. Providing technological competitiveness for market competition.

        At the same time, the company has the ability and conditions to quickly build and put into use: the company has a well-trained and familiar team and technical backbone in chemical production, with rich experience in equipment, production, and management, and the ability to quickly build and put into use.

        Finally, the production process of this project is advanced and mature, with low energy and material consumption, stable product quality, excellent technology, and strong optimization and development capabilities. It is committed to continuously improving quality and product added value, and has strong competitiveness.